22 Dec

It seems funny to me how we, humans, think about ourselves that we have the power to control the game, a game of any kind. So, newsflash for those who still believe that: we control nothing.
There are those things called feelings and ego that will fuck up your control and so the game will end up playing you.

Ok, let’s agree that it’s fun and exciting, all the hiding, the meaningful eye contact, the long childish calls, the slight touching and all that comes along with. The truth is you think you live in a bubble and the other ones are blind. They’re not. If you think people will judge you, they will, but they don’t care as much as you think they do, they just enjoy other people messing up.

Been there, done that. Played the game, got the burns, learned the lessons and the rules, and in the end I’m still flawed. So my advice to you: don’t lie to yourself. You can choose to run for the hills or enjoy it while it lasts.

Because my dear, as I said, the game will end up playing you, and always, but always someone will get burned. And by someone I mean everyone involved and some collateral victims too. 

And if you insist that rules don’t apply to you, guess again.

Photo: Scott Brasher


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