Count to one million

5 Jul

I’m still amazed every time God humors me, by aligning seconds and moments, to put in scene an act that seems impossible to happen.

Even if the toughts were persistent and the chances were 1 in a million, He pulls it off anyway.

He choses the sourroundigs, the subliminal messages, gets the characters into place, sets the timer and then He pushes the button play.

Everything seems to roll in slow motion, to make sure we catch every glimps of it, but gives us the liberty to have our own reactions.

Damn my reactions, this should have turned out in a different way.

Don’t panic, start counting again to million. Somewhere along the way He will put in scene another act like this one. Just be prepared to have your thoughts clear and to give your best performance, as much as that’s possible in a moment like that…


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